What's New?

Hebrew Edition of Zeroes

Added information and art for the Hebrew edition of Zeroes, released last year.

Updated Art

Added larger art for The Berlin Airlift.

Goosebumps Book

Besides the three Powerpuff Girls books on the site, Scott also was the ghost writer for five Goosebumps books. The only title I can find that he has confirmed is All-Day Nightmare, which was published in the US, Germany, and Russia.

I’ve created a new Ghost Written Books category in the By Series menu, under Miscellaneous Titles. The Powerpuff Girls and Goosebumps books are now there.

Impostors/Shatter City

The French edition of Impostors was released last week, and has been added to the site.

Shatter City was also released last week in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Newest Updates

1. Moved Shatter City to its own section under Impostors.

2. Added better cover art for the new Australian edition of Impostors.

3. Added the soon-to-be-published UK edition of Shatter City.

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