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US Paperback of Impostors Announced

Scott shared on Facebook earlier today that Impostors is due to be published in the US in  paperback form this summer (Amazon says Sept. 3, 2019) with new cover art. See the link.

In other news, book 2 of Impostors now has a title and release date: Feels, coming Sept. 17, 2019 (two weeks after the paperback Impostors). More as soon as I find out.

New Year, New Books

Some pretty cool new additions this evening. First of all, the first Westefeld book I’m aware of to be published in the Georgian language, Uglies. Horizon has been published in Hebrew. Afterworlds has been published in Indonesian. There’s a new UK edition of Uglies. And coming next month, a Russian edition of Impostors.

Old Books, New Books, Upcoming Books, and New Art

Old Books: 

Today I added a 2010 Spanish edition of Love is Hell with the short story “Stupid Perfect World.” I finally found cover art for it.

New Books: 

Nexus was published in Russia last month. It has been added.

The Uglies Collection, a boxed set of hardcover editions of the four Uglies books was published in in the US in September.

Upcoming Books:

 Next year will see the US paperback edition of Nexus, a boxed set of the Zeroes trilogy, and the US paperback edition of Spill Zone: The Broken Vow all published. Plus presumably the second book in the Impostors series will be released in 2019, although I haven’t yet heard or seen anything official.

New Art:

I’ve also added better quality art for the other Spanish edition of Love is Hell.

More Impostors Editions

Added a US Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition, the UK edition, and the Australian edition. I’ve also corrected the size on the regular US edition, from measuring the copy I read.

Release Day

Spill Zone: The Broken Vow was released today, and Spill Zone was released in paperback with new cover art. I’ve updated the cover art for the paperback edition of Spill Zone with larger art.

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