#37. 621 E. Grand River

This Italianate home appears on an 1875 plat map at the end of the village on the southwest corner of a 40 acre farm. It was built by Solomon R. Bignall, the original owner, and was later owned by Spiridon S. Abbott. At the rear (north) of the lot was a pond, which was known as Bignall's Pond, and later as Abbott's Pond. Other owners have included Burr Grover, Al Rideout and Mark and Marti Kush. 

Remnants of a milk house and carriage house foundations are on the property. The lot extended to today's 725 E. Grand River, and contained the village cemetery. The current owners have found pieces of fencing from the original cemetery, which was just east of the property. The current color scheme was carefully chosen by owners Brian and Kathy Weber.

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